Beat the Bridge

Beat the Bridge is a Hardstyle event under the legendary John Frostbrug in Arnhem that is repeated on an annual basis. Beat the Bridge celebrates together with their visitors the birthday of our Queen. Beat the Bridge is ‘All About The Music’, set up with 2 phat stages, more than 30 national and international artists of the Hardstyle top, good sound without limits and a spectacular show.

Powersupply of Beat the Bridge

By determining the smart power plan for Beat the Bridge, the focus was the needed capacity of both stages.

The Bridge stage got special attention by using an energy logger for this power zone to gain a picture about the actual used capacity in contrast to the requested power. Based on the requests, the decision was made to place a 250 kVA generator. Because later turned out that lightning facilities with a total of 15 kWe extra would be connected, the decision was made to upgrade the capacity to 300 kVA.

During the building up, the suppliers of light and sound required a continue power on the equipment in the case of possible condensation at night. For that reason, the decision was made to use the generator continually. This resulted in a total fuel consumption of 889L with an average load of 20%. The best decision that was made, was to use a 35 kVA generator for power facility outside of show time hours and a 125 kVA generator during show time.

Beat the Bridge

Both machines would come to an average load of ca. 50%. The 35 kVA generator would have been used for 50 hours and the 125 kVA generator would have been used for 25 hours. The total fuel consumption would have come to a total of 500 L.

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