In 2016, ZAP concepts faced up to the challenge at DGTL Barcelona. By making an accurate inventory of all power users and using mostly LED lights, they managed to utilize Grid power for 90% of the total capacity.

Because the organisers were used to working with many diesel generators, the landowner (as well as the suppliers of the lights and sound) were sceptical about the available power capacity to make the show run smoothly. The challenge was to convince them that the power plan was well thought out – therefore, a load check was done on Thursday night, were all stages got opened at the same time. Of course, this ran without a hitch.

During the construction phase, a close check was kept on all equipment being connected, to eliminate any risk of overloading the grid connection. During the show itself, the main focus was to log the actual power usage by using power loggers. By measuring energy usage, extra capacity can be added for future shows to make sure that the organisers can fully rely on the available power facilities.

With this, the ‘resistance’ for both parties to use of the grid is gone. What this means for the next editions of DGTL BCL is that using the available Grid power is the obvious choice!