Green Events


The ecological footprint of humans has increased rapidly the last decades and needs to brought back in balance urgently. That’s why it’s time for action, even for the Dutch festivals!


There are lots of discussions in the music- and entertainment branch about sustainability, but real actions don’t happen so much. One of the main reason is the misunderstanding about high costs. Especially the first steps towards a more sustainable festival can save beside environmental impact also money!

By providing independant and competent advise, Green Events Nederland takes organisers on an inspiring journey to a environmental aware, corporate social responsible enterprise. In this proces, Green Events Nederland aims to be the connecting link, knowledge supplier and broker. This with a low treshold, which starts with a low fee for participation.

By bringing sustainability on a contem-porary way to the audience, this theme will have a positive influence on the target group (potential members); making sustainable sexy.

Social impact and awareness

A sustainable way of life is not (yet) naturally for everybody. As Green Events Nederland we don’t want just to inspire the festival organizers, but through them also the visitors. A festival is a very suitable place to transfer any message. Festival visitors are very open for new thoughts and impulses. That’s why major brands communicate through festivals with their target groups.


‘Green Events Nederland’ is, as daughter of ‘Green Events Europe’, a platform for increasing the sustainability of events and festivals with increasing of cooperation as a goal. The platform excist of an informative internet site (in cooperation with the UK organizations ‘A Greener Festival’ and ‘Julie’s bicycle’) and yearly organized interactive workshops. New members will form new groups, and excisting memebers will work towards a higher level.

Voor whom

// Events & festivals
// (Pop-)podia & event locations
// Suppliers
// Knowledge institutes
// (Local) governmental organizations
// Innovators

Green Events

An initiative of:

Paul Schurink

Consultant sustainable events with particular knowledge and experience in sustainable power supply. Paul advises among others Indian Summer festival, Extrema, DGTL festival, MFBH, ID&T.

Laura van de Voort

Event- & sustainability manager at Extrema with responsibility for Extrema Outdoor and Solar festival. Laura is also involved with festivals as Ticket for Tibet and Versche Vangst.