Solar Weekend Festival

The food court of Solar Weekend festival was mostly based on big caterers. Every caterer had its own wishes and needs regarding the power and times that this power needed to be available (day- and night power for different building- and break times). In total, the requested capacity was more than 500 KWe. To satisfy all this diverse requirements and wishes, the advice was to work for this power zone with more generators which could independently switch (power management).

By placing an energy logger, the exact power usage could be determined: 3 generators were used with each 200 kVA (total nominal capacity of 600 kVA), anticipated by power management.

The optimal configuration would have been: 1 generator 80 kVA and 1 generator 200 kVA (total nominal capacity of 280 kVA) anticipated by power management.

The 200 kVA generator would have been used for circa 30 hours (every festival day 15 hours) on an average of 60% of the nominal load.

In total 5.657 kWh is generated during the measurement. In an optimal configuration, in total 1.750 liter diesel would have been used.

With this information a better match can be made between capacity and demand.

The total generator combination (synchronized) would use on the peek moments (both festival days around 19:30) a maximum of 88% of the nominal capacity.

Solar Weekend Festival